Business Secrets from the Bible

The Secrets of Great Wealth, Minimum Income, Maximum Income, and Maximum Results by Jim Rohn

Business Secrets from the Bible offers a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-follow method for approaching success in business. Incorporating scripturally sound Biblical lessons, this handy guide takes a direct and intuitive approach to present individuals with the kind of information that they need in order to make smart business decisions and improve their financial situation. Filled with practical advice for increased finances, relationships, and spirituality, this accessible resource strives to revolutionize not only the minds of its readers but the actual actions of users with a clear and convincing pathway to success. This book is jam-packed with life-changing insights regarding how to make money in today’s economy. Filled with well-researched, fully-voiced wisdom, it provides users with practical solutions for day-to-day struggles. Combined with masterful illustrations, it guides users down the shortest path towards financial independence.

  • Just as the title states, Business Secrets from the Bible focuses on the importance of self-discipline and success. It teaches how to keep business and finances separate from one another, teaching the idea that a successful lifestyle entails achieving financial goals independent of ones career. With a unique take on personal finance, it encourages readers to use the Bible as a tool for applying financial principles in everyday life. The book teaches that a successful business requires personal financial goals and that achieving them requires being willing to work hard, being passionate about ones job, having a good work ethic, and knowing and following Bible-based business secrets.
  • Co-authored by Karen Smith and Andrea Seritan, both of whom possess expertise in the worlds of finance and spirituality, Business Secrets from the Bible Proven by Karen Smith and Andrea Seritan provides concrete advice for improving finances, relationships, and spirituality. The authors describe in detail how they created this book, what personal changes were made throughout the editing process, what specifically they did to prepare for each chapter, and what they meant for each scenario and outcome.
  • In this concise guide, rabbis Lapin and Yariv Shimoulin explain how to make “the big bucks” while making “little money.” They provide specific examples from their own daily experiences and encourage readers to “let your money do the talking.” The authors detail how to get from working a ten dollar job to working a dollar a day by making “little money.” They advise that “making money is not about sitting on a beach somewhere, wearing a suit, and telling everyone that you made six figures last year.”
  • The book ends with several motivating life quotes, encouraging the reader to “let your money do the talking.” Following the lightly-managed life strategies outlined in the Bible, the author offers concrete advice for improving finances, relationships, and spirituality by following his simple steps to a more prosperous life.

The author begins by outlining his background, discussing his experiences with both success and failure, offering a perspective from an “outside the box” point of view, and then shares the practical steps needed to become successful through these experiences and create a powerful, lasting life. Following this practical introduction, he shares a revelation that changed the way he looked at the world around him, a revelation that solidified his own personal code of ethics and commitment, and transformed his vision into a powerful business model. Revealing how he developed and launched the blueprint for what is now known as Wealthy Attraction, he concludes with ten principles for creating financial security, health, love, peace, and wisdom, revealing how anyone can utilize the laws of attraction to bring them into a positive and wealthy state. The Secrets of Great Wealth, Minimum Income, Maximum Income, and Maximum Results is an inspiring, practical, inspirational, insightful, and insightful book about how we can transform our lives by using Biblical principles and a simple, step-by-step process he has created. Highly recommended.

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