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The Amazon Business American Express Card helps business owners who are not Amazon prime members to earn rewards or cashback on purchases made at certain Amazon-operated businesses. The Amazon American Express Card comes with a rewards credit card with an easy approval process, reward features, and a large selection of participating merchants and business industries. This card is perfect for business owners who regularly make purchases at Amazon-branded businesses and aren’t yet Amazon Prime members. This business card provides perks such as 3 percent cash back or free60-day financing at Amazon, Best Buy, American Express, Wal-Mart, and AWS.

  • The Discover More Card from American Express does not have rewards credit cards, but it does offer cashback and free rewards. They also provide business owners with the tools they need to manage their businesses. This blue business card has the Discover More logo on the front, is printed on translucent plastic, and also has a magnetic strip to keep it safe from fraud. This credit card has a high credit limit and a low daily interest rate, making it a great option for business owners looking to use it to earn rewards and pay less interest.
  • The Discover More card benefits also include an added layer of security. This credit card works in conjunction with the MasterCard brand to ensure customers have the protection and security necessary when making purchases. This card allows business owners to pay for items in any major U.S. retail store. The Discover More card benefits also include purchases for gas and groceries at any participating restaurants. These purchases are charged at a low, flat rate.
  • Business owners can get additional perks from their Amazon Business Cards. Some perks include free hotel stays at hotels owned or managed by The hotel, priority seating in meeting rooms, access to business center events, priority boarding passes, priority parking passes, free meals and leisurely airport shuttle services. Other enhanced features that business owners may find beneficial are the ability to make reservations for air flights, car rentals, cruises, and rental cars, and the ability to pay for your hotel accommodations using this card. This enhanced data security feature makes purchases possible without the fear of someone else has made the same purchase. The added convenience that business owners enjoy when using Amazon cards is what keeps them coming back.
  • The terms apply to all Amazons, whether you’re purchasing as a business owner or as a consumer. Terms such as blackout dates, membership fees, minimum balance, and other transaction fees will apply. It’s best to review the terms and conditions before applying for any reward points. If you’re still unsure about any part of the agreement, speaking with a customer service representative at Amazon can help you understand the finer details and requirements of using their products.

Cash Back Reward Credit Cards – Did you know that you can earn up to 50% more shopping with cashback rewards? This type of reward program also applies to Amazon, giving you even more reasons to use an amazon business card. When you shop with cashback reward credit cards, not only do you get one point per dollar spent, but you can earn additional points for every purchase you make. The more you use your Amazon Amex business card, the more cashback reward points you will earn. Plus, the monthly terms apply, which makes it easy to stay within your spending limits.

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