Haslam College of Business

An Introduction To The Business Management Degree Course At Hampshire College

Students who are admitted to the Haslam College of Business have to maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and earn either a B or C average in all related classes (or grades, whichever is the highest) before the end of 75 credited hours. The minimum GPA requirement for business administration is 2.5. Those who do not meet this requirement are encouraged to pursue additional educational studies. It takes about five years to complete a full BBA degree program.

  • After graduation, those who successfully completed an associate dean position will need to take a retention exam in order to remain a full-time MBA students. This exam is also required by the United States Department of Labor. Students who are not admitted to the Haslam college of business must complete a full-time MBA program at an accredited business university. Students can choose to pursue a four-year degree through a traditional college or through an online program.
  • The first two years of a four-year full-time MBA program at the college are considered the business major. Students can expect to take many general business classes as well as specializations in accounting, economics, global management, information systems, marketing, and more. Students may select their first specialization upon completion of their associate dean’s program. For example, those intending on becoming business managers should consider a specialization in marketing. The four-year MBA program has been designed so that those seeking a bachelor’s degree can also pursue careers in law, accounting, government, and other business-related fields.
  • The third year of a full-time MBA program typically focuses on core business courses. Students may elect to take a variety of these courses in order to fulfill their particular course requirements. Some students elect to pursue one or more general business courses in addition to their chosen core courses. The first year at Haslam college focuses on the topics of accounting, economics, information technology, marketing, and global management. A four-year program at Haslam college also includes general education courses such as English language, math, social sciences, and humanities.
  • At the end of the third year, students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree. This four-year degree often requires students to pursue one to three specific business concentrations. Students may choose to enroll in courses related to supply chain management, business analytics, human resources, or marketing. These concentration options serve their specific career goals. Students may also elect to pursue an associate’s degree as an assistant to a current business manager or to pursue a master’s in business administration. Students can also choose to pursue a doctorate, but most choose to remain at the two-year program for a business analytics concentration.

Throughout their course work, students will have the opportunity to develop themselves through internships and hands-on learning experiences. In the last two years, students will have the opportunity to select a specialization. Students in business management can opt to pursue courses in accounting, finance, and marketing or they can take courses in entrepreneurship, human resources, and supply chain management. There is no limit on the number of concentrations that students can pursue; however, it is recommended that students select a concentration within one of the areas of business management where they think they will best fit.

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