Services Offered by C&H Financial Services

C&H Financial Services is an award winning payments processing company based in Westchester, IL, with other offices in California, Texas, California, and other states. C&H specializes primarily in EMV card and payment processing, both through direct processing (by the card’s merchant) and by third party vendors (e.g., MasterCard, Visa, etc. ).

C&H’s financial services division provides customized solutions for small businesses, both start-up and established. This includes all types of cash advance loans, merchant cash advances, business loans, credit and debit cards, merchant accounts, gift cards, and business rewards. They also provide small business inventory, payroll, tax preparation, and business tax preparation.

The financial services group provides a number of financial services to businesses. These services include:

A variety of online services such as bill pay, budget management, invoices, invoicing, etc. are provided by the financial services group.

C&H’s financial services department also provides the following services to merchants. These include:

The company offers training, education, and consulting to help small businesses meet their financial needs. C&H works directly with clients to determine what type of financing they require and the appropriate vendor to provide it. Their goal is to help their clients grow their business and build a profitable relationship with their merchant.

C&H works with a variety of vendors for their financial services products. These include vendors that offer business credit cards, small business gift cards, electronic invoicing, payroll processing, and merchant accounts.

C&H’s financial services group provides its services to merchants in the form of merchant account, prepaid debit or credit cards, business lines of credit, merchant cash advances and other forms of payment. for business and personal use. Its services are designed to be affordable to business owners and provide the most cost effective solution for small business needs.

C&H has an Online Payment Gateway that enables merchants to accept payments via the Internet. This service is known as Merchant Gateway Service.

The primary functions of C&H’s online and offline finance departments include:

The financial services department of C&H also provides financial planning, analysis, and educational support to small business owners to help them grow and prosper. The company works closely with all of its vendors to help them succeed in their small business endeavors.

C&H’s small business department is focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals by providing the right tools, training, and resources that they need to achieve their business goals. C&H also offers assistance through the development of new business relationships.

It strives to help small business owners establish and maintain positive business relationships, which are vital to the success of any business. In addition, the company encourages growth by providing educational opportunities to current and former small business owners as well as helping them find new opportunities for themselves.

C&H’s financial services department offers services that are designed to help small businesses in developing and sustaining their businesses. To accomplish this, the company provides services that include:

The Small Business Development Center is C&H’s premier source of information for entrepreneurs, educators and administrators. Their Small Business Services includes:

C&H’s Financial Planning Center focuses on small business financing. The center offers financial education, grants, loans, and consulting services for small businesses to help them improve their credit ratings, increase their sales and profits, reduce their debt and improve their cash flow.

The Business Development Center offers information for small business owners. These services include:

C&H is committed to providing its members with the resources and assistance needed to become successful entrepreneurs. It also seeks to encourage growth, prosperity, and financial success. through the provision of knowledge, guidance, and resources.

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