What are my options for OKR programs?

Comparing and evaluating OKR software and other OKR tools is vital in assisting business strategies and goals.

Since featuring in the (2018 people management survey) goal setting has become hugely important. A massive percentage of workers point to a problem with managers who don’t communicate clearly on their expectations and goals. This has featured high in the complaint list above the expected” poor listening skills” and” trust betrayal” Therefore, setting precise and crystal goals is a fundamental

For people looking to align organizational goals better as a team OKR software becomes a great way to jumpstart the business ambitiously and achieve its goals and objectives.

OKR Software Comparison

Below is a summary of the criteria used to compare the various OKR examples:

  1. Usability: how easy is the process of bringing new users? Is excellent tech support offered by the company? How effective is the online community or forum around the product if there is one?
  2. (Ui) User Interface: how attractive and clean is it? How modern is its outlook compared to other modern softwares? Is it in tune with the needs of low tech individuals?
  3. Integrations:Is it easy to connect with other tools, such as performance management software, talent management software, or employee management systems? Any pre-built integrations? Can you import objectives and goals designed in other software?
  4. $ Value: is the price for features, capabilities, and use case appropriate? How flexible, clear, and transparent is the pricing?

Features and functionality: how intuned are the feedback and review tools?  Are goal maps, employee voice, reporting and insights appropriated well?

Examples of Best OKR tools

  • Weekdone — Best on coaching and aligning teams

It combines OKR procedures with a weekly check-in functionality to articulate company results, promote a goal-driven company and focus teams. Weekdone Is a perfect tool for medium-sized companies and teams

Weekdone has a true linking for the alignment of team goals and company since it holds a standard OKR feature set.

  • Koan — Best for startups and small businesses

Combining metrics with teams qualitative insights to predict goal outcomes isKoans pride.

It also houses a predominantly low price and hefty trial period, ensuring they score well in the value of cost section of the evaluation test. This places them as a great option for startups.

  • Yaguara—Best for e – retailers

This focuses mainly on data-driven projects with quantifiable relationships to larger goals and objectives.it holds help for orienting website analytics strategy, community engagement, product, and sales acquisitions

Yaragua has a reputation of unifying communication and data to ensure better conversations about goals progress and setbacks.

  • Kazoo– best for tracking peer to peer feedback

Kazoo has earned a reputation in highlighting performance, recognition and feedback systems in the daily workflow. Third-party app integration is also largely incorporated in the kazoo. This scores them high in the integration section of the evaluation criteria. Kazoo also offers pricing upon request

Other good OKR software

  • Profit – Best intuitive, easy-to-use OKR software
  • Betterworks – Best OKR software features for upper management
  • Simple OKR – Best for work culture research
  • Engagedly – Best OKR cloud software available on PC, Android, and Apple devices
  • People Goal– Best OKR management software for HR departments
  • Perdoo – Best free OKR software
  • Atiim – Best enterprise OKR software
  • Culture Amp – Best OKR for turnover prediction
  • 15five – Best for daily and yearly self-reviews
  • Ally – Best for teams who would benefit from OKR coaching

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