How Do You Spell Business With Proper Pronunciation

How do you spell business with misspellings? How many ways can you spell business? If you are starting off in business or want to tweak your existing business then it is a good idea to find out how to spell business correctly. Many people who get into the business are not familiar with the business. In fact, sometimes people who get into business have no business at all!

  • The correct way to spell business is abbreviated with a capital A, where the first letter is always capitalized, and the words immediately following are not, except on accident. The misspelling of business is often apostrophically, with the last letter of both sets of words being an “a”. Single possessive forms of business? Two ways to describe that: one is brands, the other is companies.
  • When do you use plural forms of business? If you are advertising products through a website, then the correct word is brands, if you are marketing a product through radio or television, then the correct word is companies. In any event, you would use the words of both sets of words. There are no restrictions or rules to which you can use either of these forms of the word in your marketing materials.
  • Is there another word that you can use to describe your business? Yes, another commonly used word is apostrophes. Do you like the apostrophe as part of your business names? If so, then you should consider leaving the apostrophe off of all but the very start of your business names.

As a word aside, we have to take into consideration that not everyone who comes to you for advice has knowledge or training in grammar and spelling. What do you do when the gentleman comes to you with an important phone call that requires your immediate attention? Do you refer him to a secretary who can handle the call or do you take it personally and make the call from the office? Do you correct businessmen with small business names who are making reference to their busyness?

All right, now you may be thinking this is silly. “How do you spell business?” does not need to be a question asked by your secretary, does it? It should be something that starts with a capital letter and ends in a consonant sound, like bz, bzn, bzr, btc, at, to, or t, unless you want to be considered part of that new generation of professional grammarians, thank goodness, who apparently think everything starts and ends with a consonant.

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