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No reviews have been featured for Something Like a Business just yet (the movie hasn’t even been released yet). However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth your while to see it. I’m sure you’ve seen the trailer for the movie and thought to yourself “I can’t wait to see what happens in this one!” Well now you can with this article!

  • In What Like a Business, Steve Martin plays David Kleinfeld, an insurance man whose life is turned upside down when he gets engaged to his high school sweetheart. The marriage falls apart in the end and David has to start over. With the help of attorney Jennifer Schaffer (Debra Messing), David is able to form a business with fellow high school friend Jane Smith (Carrie Fisher). But when another woman comes into business with them, things get more complicated. Will these two ever be able to work together? This movie is definitely a must-see movie.
  • Another movie that is worth seeing is What Happens in Vegas. This is based on the Las Vegas series of novels by reporter Amy Waterman. Although the first novel in the series was about the aftermath of a real estate bubble burst, this film has something to do with the financial meltdown that we’ve been experiencing lately. We haven’t heard too many movies about a business collapse, but this one is certainly different. It is a fast-paced, comedy that won’t make you bored at all.
  • Finally, the third movie on our list is called Edward Scissorhands. Directed by Bill Murray, this movie is about a young man (Eddie Murphy) who lives in a small town and works as a junior-high boy. One day, he finds out that his scissors had a secret compartment, which he uses to cut class with ease. When his teacher realizes what he’s doing, he confronts him, only for Edward to throw his book at her. She then sets up an intervention between the two, with the result that Edward gets suspended from school and expelled.
  • One movie that doesn’t receive much attention, despite being a decent comedy, is A History Of Violence. Starring in this film is George Clooney, who plays a government figure who tries to bring peace back to Africa after it has been ripped apart by conflicts. The background scenes show what really happens when civil wars are tearing through the country, and the events play out along the border between Tanzania and Kenya. It’s a very interesting film, although Clooney does tend to lose his control sometimes. If you want to see a good, entertaining film about Africa, then this might not be the one for you.

All of these films have one thing in common: They’re great comedies. So if you don’t like taking your shoes off at the end of the day, you’ll probably enjoy at least one of these films. Hopefully, these descriptions of some of the most popular movies about business were helpful. They give you a good idea of the types of movies you could watch if you ever get the chance to venture out of the house.

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